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Airbus’ support ensures that an aircraft’s entry-into-service is smooth and efficient, allowing customers to benefit as much as possible, as quickly as possible after delivery. Still, Airbus’ support goes beyond a contractual obligation – employees take pride in their work and the products they deliver, meaning customers can benefit from a consistent standard of high-quality work. 

Under this framework, every customer is assigned a Customer Support Director who acts as a focal point and coordinates the implementation of any necessary services. In addition, more than 250 field service representatives are positioned in approximately 150 cities close to the airlines they serve – ensuring that solutions, answers and peace of mind, are never far away.

Deeper understanding

Airbus genuinely values the special relationship it enjoys with its customers. Airbus sets the standard for customer support by adopting a collaborative approach with a wide range of operators. With a highly-skilled staff that is dedicated to learning and consistently meeting the needs of customers, the passion and ethos of Airbus’ support team should be evident to every customer. Providing around-the-clock care and customer service, every member of Airbus’ diverse and talented staff is determined to prove their value and expertise consistently.

Field service offices provide a worldwide network of people for around-the-clock support to operators, with a key focus on safety and customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of services and solutions to optimize aircraft operation and maintenance efficiency.


Did you know?

Airbus has an international network of support centres, training centres and spares stores, as well as 160 field offices around the world where nearly 300 resident customer support managers assist airlines in their daily operations.


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