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Structural parts

Provided by Satair Group, the administration of structural parts includes the sale, repair, exchange and lease of aircraft parts. Offering an excellent fit plus high reliability and durability, Services by Airbus allows customers to benefit from superior service, continuous product improvement and unparalleled field support from Airbus’ dedicated and passionate team.

Parts sales

Incorporating new, used and surplus parts, Airbus offers a range of equipment that includes new parts for the body of an aircraft and structural parts including: fuselage, doors, access panels, fairings, flight controls, and the surfaces, accessories and controls of an aircraft. 

Airbus also offers certified used and surplus material. In order to best support operators looking to reduce inventory and maintenance costs, Airbus offers a portfolio that includes both structural parts and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components in a certified serviceable condition.

Parts repair, exchange and lease

Airbus offers repair services for proprietary parts, with the capability and quality of a world-class OEM. The Airbus Repair Management department acts as the customer’s single point of contact for spare parts repair issues, and handles all administrative details for the customer’s repair orders. 

Part-exchange service 

To minimise the aircraft operational downtime, Airbus offers an extended range of parts for exchange, such as rudders, elevators, winglets or Sharklets, before or after the removal of the part. 

Part-lease service 

Airbus offers a lease service for proprietary parts that enables the operator to continue to operate its aircraft, while unserviceable parts are temporarily removed and repaired. This helps the operator avoid capital commitment for high value parts. 

Part-repair capabilities 

Airbus’ repair and partners’ repair shops have combined structural repair and manufacturing experience and can provide the customer with comprehensive solutions, whether they require a minor repair or a complete overhaul. Additionally, fixed repair packages are now offered for several part numbers (e.g elevator or glazing) in order to allow customers to monitor upfront budgeting and lead times.

Lease service solution

Airbus provides its customers with a tailored Lease Service Solution (LSS) for structural parts to support their major maintenance tasks. Offering the advantage that no upfront investment is required, while adhering to the highest technical standards customarily provided by Airbus, customers can benefit from a simplified use and return process and the large pool of available parts. 

The availability of a part on-site mitigates the risks of non-part availability, extended ground time and unexpectedly high costs.

Did you know?

Some 10 to 15 per cent of an airline’s direct operating costs come from aircraft maintenance. This means that having the right system for all maintenance and engineering services is essential to efficiently support the airline in its daily operations.

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