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Leading the way by integrating the latest technological advancements into the utilisation and interpretation of data from aircraft maintenance, Services by Airbus offers a range of e-solutions, which deliver significant economic advantages to customers, allowing them to optimise their fleet and generate additional savings. 

This facilitates easier access to the expertise of Airbus and its highly-trained, skilled and experienced staff. Airbus offers e-solutions to help customers profit from maintenance in a simple and efficient way, while also receiving the very best in Airbus’ technical expertise; giving customers confidence in the safety, reliability and longevity of their aircraft.

ADOC Web Maintenance

ADOC is a suite of content management solutions, used to create, update, and revise all the maintenance and engineering digital documentation for aircraft.  

The ADOC content management solution gives customers better control and more interaction with the documentation management process – enabling faster distribution for their engineering teams.

Job Card Publisher

Job Card Publisher software allows for automatic production and integration of job cards with operators’ maintenance information, further streamlining the maintenance process.


AIRMAN-web is an online software suite accessible through the AirbusWorld internet site, designed to help airlines efficiently manage unscheduled maintenance and improve overall aircraft availability. It offers the opportunity to convert aircraft-generated data into value-added information, which supports decision-making.


The CrossLogbook is an enriched digital version of the technical and cabin paper logbooks. This application includes dedicated modules for each user profile: pilot, cabin, maintenance and administration.

Due to its uniquely high level of customisation, it can be used on all aircraft types to provide cost-effective, fleet-wide solutions for airlines.

The CrossLogbook is fully interoperable with the Maintenance Information System (MIS), Minimum Equipment List (MEL), Configuration Deviation List (CDL) and FlySmart with Airbus.


AirPl@n is the comprehensive suite of services designed to support airlines’ maintenance programme and planning activities. The AirPl@n offer includes the following domains: 

  • Maintenance programme preparation: identification of scheduled maintenance tasks applicable for every aircraft fleet
  • Maintenance planning preparation: definition of maintenance task planning for each aircraft
  • Maintenance task preparation: identification of required material for maintenance tasks
  • Work package production: supply documentation for the performance of maintenance tasks 
  • Through AirPl@n, Airbus offers customised studies for the optimisation of maintenance programming and planning as well as tailored support with on-site seminars. 

Further characteristics of AirPl@n:

  • Easy preparation of maintenance packages through dynamic generation of task cards and job cards and identification of required material;
  • Compatibility of AirPl@n deliverable for upload into maintenance information system (MIS).

Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring (AiRTHM)

In an increasingly competitive environment, customers require optimised maintenance and real-time troubleshooting to maximise aircraft availability. AiRTHM is a modern Airbus service that provides guidance for A380 and A380 operators by offering them optimized maintenance and real-time troubleshooting actions empowered by MCC (maintenance control centre).  

Technology & expertise

AiRTHM is a state-of-the-art preventive service based on uplink technology, allowing real-time remote-access to aircraft data parameters via ACARS. AiRTHM’s 24/7 real time data analysis enables Airbus engineers to deliver MCC during in-flight or on-ground maintenance. 

The AiRTHM service is built on two stand-alone modules fitting the aircraft operation phases
Pre-departure check
Flight watch

Repair Manager

An advanced tool designed to ease the creation and management of aircraft structural damage reports, which contributes to the airlines’ goals of reducing the lead-time for analysis and reporting, improving aircraft availability and maximising aircraft residual value.

Airbus Smarter Fleet ® solutions

Airbus Smarter Fleet ® is the Airbus and IBM solution to provide end-to-end e-solutions for maintenance, engineering and flight operations. Airbus Smarter Fleet ® offers: 

  • Fuel-efficiency portal
  • Maintenance mobility
  • Prognostics and risk management
  • e-Doc browser 

Airbus Smarter Fleet ® aims at providing an open, modular and flexible platform in order to support the customers’ increasing needs in three key areas related to data processing. 

  1. Data gathering: simultaneous, extensive and cross-functional collection of relevant data and information from different sources; 
  2. Data value extraction: accurate data and information processing through monitoring, filtering, reporting and correlation, of retrieved data but also simulation, with help for decision making and optimisation; 
  3. Cross domain collaboration: full access to processed data and information for all concerned stakeholders; 

Airbus Smarter Fleet ® will initially focus on two activities:

Firstly, it will integrate and also further develop Airbus’ current portfolio of e-solutions. Secondly, it will provide cross-functional fleet data management using an open, modular and flexible platform based on a precise assessment of customer needs and tailored implementation.

Maintenance Mobility – Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

Airbus Smarter Fleet® provides maintenance personnel with up-to-date critical information, including dedicated dashboards, work packages and documentation. The objective is to optimise line and base maintenance activities by maximising the benefit of mobile devices. 

Supervisor interface

  • Real-time awareness of the critical nature of an event;
  • Anticipate corrective and preventive actions;
  • Manage work packages' assignment in real time;
  • Monitor Troubleshooting with just the right information.

Line mechanics mobile application

  • Mobile access to real-time awareness of relevant information;
  • Real time job-progress;
  • Easy interaction with MCC and maintenance coordination;
  • E-Signature. 

E-Doc Browser

  • Mobile documentation.

e-Doc Browser – Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

The e-Doc browser is a documentation browser available on all popular mobile platforms enabling manual display for maintenance (Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Illustrated Part Catalogue, Trouble Shooting Manual, wirings, schematics, Electrical Practices Manual), repair (Structural Repair Manual) and operations (Minimum Equipment List). 

The e-Doc Browser solution enhances the current Smarter Fleet portfolio by providing more valuable functions to help airlines operate at full capacity.

Did you know?

Some 10 to 15 per cent of an airline’s direct operating costs come from aircraft maintenance. This means that having the right system for all maintenance and engineering services is essential to efficiently support the airline in its daily operations.

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