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Getting the most out of the assets

Provided by Satair Group, Services by Airbus relies on the unsurpassable expertise and technical proficiency from its global network to deliver its range of consumables expendables standard parts. Customers can benefit from the efforts of Airbus’ dedicated team who are consistently striving to improve efficiency, create solutions and deliver genuine value to customers’ business. 

Aircraft Consumables Expendables Standard (CES) parts sales

Materials identified as raw material, composites and chemicals are identified as consumables and expendables and are handled within the Airbus standard parts team. The materials covered include metal extrusions and profiles, plastic extrusions, wires, cables and protection, seals and strips, insulation material, tapes, paints, adhesives and lubricants, switches and hoses. 

Airbus works with its global network of trusted partners to supply and source the material on demand. As a result of this network, Airbus customers benefit from competitive pricing and a process for sourcing parts to help make them available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. 

Standard parts have a relatively high usage, numerous applications and are normally available from industrial sources. Parts are manufactured in accordance with a standard specification, which includes design, manufacturing, test and acceptance criteria and identification requirements. Applicable standard parts are mentioned in the Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL). Moving standard parts are stocked at Airbus sites and are available at competitive prices for orders on all priorities (including nuts, bolts, fasteners, rivets, bearings, clamps, electrical connectors, switches and many more). Airbus’ Material and Logistics centres around the world have developed a turnkey service for customers’ standard hardware ordering. As a result, a larger range of active Airbus part numbers is available on Airbus stock.

Airbus Managed Inventory

Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) service offers collaborative parts planning and automated replenishment of a configurable scope of high-usage, non-repairable parts, such as consumables, expendables and standard parts. Capturing a customer’s material consumption triggers the replacement process, significantly reducing the cost of ordering new parts, while achieving optimum inventories at agreed-upon performance levels. The enhanced off-shelf availability of parts contributes to reduced aircraft maintenance turn-around times. 

Airbus manages the customer’s inventory level for a customised scope of high-usage parts in the customer’s warehouse based on an automated continuous replenishment process. Airbus optimises the inventory level through analysis of the parts’ consumption in close to real-time, eliminating several resource intensive steps in a customer’s order process. Inventory planning, ordering, follow-up and the transportation process are managed by Airbus. The customer may opt to configure the service to include an increasing amount of manufacturer parts and standard hardware parts. This dependable process provides sustained service levels at a predictable cost to the customer. 

Customers’ can profit from savings by operating reduced stock levels and lower inventory and administration costs. Further savings can be made through the elimination of transportation costs or order follow-up expenses. Developing positive, trusting and enduring relationships with customers is at the heart of Services by Airbus. In order to implement the highest standards of customer care, a nominated AMI manager acts as a direct focal point to ensure the smooth delivery of performance management, daily operations, continuous follow-up, part-scope configuration and inventory planning.

Integrated Material Services

Integrated Material Services (IMS) is a solution that manages the entire supply chain for airlines and MROs (maintenance repair and overhaul centres). This process will cover all expendable materials and related procedures. The solution is conceived as an innovative new supply chain service offered to the airline aftermarket. 

The combination of Airbus and Satair’s experience over the years provides a wealth of expertise in planning, procurement, distribution, quality and engineering that IMS leverages to offer every possible advantage to customers. Satair Group has significantly scaled up this operation to include all expendable parts, providing a cost-effective material management service to airlines.

Did you know?

Some 10 to 15 per cent of an airline’s direct operating costs come from aircraft maintenance. This means that having the right system for all maintenance and engineering services is essential to efficiently support the airline in its daily operations.

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