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Services by Airbus provides a full range of component solutions that can be tailored to meet the need of any customer. With a team of dedicated staff delivering Airbus’ consistently-high standard of care and expertise, customers can be confident that they are receiving the highest level of quality service. 

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Airbus offers a combination of manufacturing expertise and precision engineering throughout their product range – ensuring that customers benefit from efficient and quality maintenance while being continuously supported throughout the process.

Component sales

Airbus offers the following component sales options for both Line Replaceable Units (LRU), which can be readily changed on an aircraft during line maintenance operations, and Line Maintenance Breakdown Parts (LMP), which are a sub-component of an LRU and may be replaced without removing the LRU from the aircraft. 

Airbus also offers certified used and surplus material for about one year. In order to best support the operators in reducing inventory and maintenance costs and support Aircraft on-ground assistance, Airbus offers a portfolio that includes both Airbus structural parts and OEM components in a certified serviceable condition. 

Line Replacement Unit - New Condition

Line Maintenance Breakdown Part - New Condition

LRU and LMP - Used Condition

Component on-demand

Airbus Component On-Demand will help the customer find the right spare to get any aircraft back in the air. Continuing Airbus FHS’ (Flight Hour Services) successful expansion and recognition as a key industry player, Airbus FHS now extends its offer to customers by introducing Component On-Demand for new and used parts on A320, A330, A340, A350XWB and A380. 

Standard Exchange services

The airline replaces the deficient LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) with a serviceable one and Airbus manages the repair loop. 

Loan services

The airline gets a serviceable LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) on lease for a set period of time. 

Repair services

The airline accesses Airbus’ strong network of repair partners and Airbus will monitor the repair, test and overhaul.

Provisioning solutions

Airbus’ provisioning and engineering teams build the optimum combination of new and used parts, with the customer, to meet the operational requirements of all company programmes. Airbus can also provide the physical delivery of material consolidated into one integrated package. Customers directly benefit from Airbus’ experience with a large network of suppliers and a deep understanding of the after-sales market. These are high quality and cost-effective packages that minimize AOG risks while being customisable to fit the customer’s needs. 

Provisioning packages

Fly Away Kit packages

FHS Components

Airbus has set-up a dedicated organisation to deliver Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS), which consists of guaranteed solutions ranging from component supply and repair to full airframe maintenance. 

FHS Components guarantees all primary LRUs spare parts availability through exclusive on-site stock and a shared pool access service, as well as state-of-the-art repair services. Customers are guaranteed spare parts at lower costs which are easily foreseeable thanks to fixed prices.

FHS-Tailored Support Package

Airbus is committed to delivering excellent fleet performance. The FHS Tailored Support Package (FHS-TSP) is an integrated suite of solutions combining FHS Components with engineering services and airframe maintenance. Customers can be assured of aircraft availability with a reduced risk of high-cost operation reductions. 

  • Engineering Services module provides Airbus expertise for advanced Fleet Technical Management (Maintenance Programme and Planning, Reliability Programme, Engineering Support and Airworthiness Review etc.)

  • Airframe Maintenance module deals with the execution of the scheduled maintenance: Line, base and heavy maintenance. 

Full FHS-TSP solution’s scope guarantees aircraft on-time performance (OTP), covering technical, logistics and maintenance delays.

Did you know?

Some 10 to 15 per cent of an airline’s direct operating costs come from aircraft maintenance. This means that having the right system for all maintenance and engineering services is essential to efficiently support the airline in its daily operations.

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