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Adding value

Every customer is different and has their own in-sourcing or out-sourcing policy in terms of aircraft maintenance and operations. Airbus provides unique solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the full spectrum of potential operators. 

Furthermore, Airbus understands implicitly the importance of providing customers with the best possible solutions and is constantly striving to innovate and implement new and increasingly efficient techniques. This quest for efficiency creates genuine value, limiting time that aircraft spend on the ground and making sure they are flying at full capacity when they’re in the air – creating real savings for customers. 

Services by Airbus

Airbus offers a complete services portfolio of end-to-end lifecycle solutions: “Services by Airbus.” 

“Services by Airbus” allows airlines and operators to select, and benefit from, the exact type of coverage needed to fit their own in-sourcing or out- sourcing policy.

Delivering value

Whether it’s flight ops, training, maintenance or upgrade services, Airbus applies cutting-edge technology and advanced science to provide customers with a wide range of flexible service options. Airbus benefits from its unique position as a manufacturer to coordinate with a network of partners and fully-owned subsidiaries, to leverage a consistent desire to innovate and create solutions into unique, tailored services specifically designed to exceed the needs of individual clients operating in the fast-paced aviation industry. 

Airbus has the insight and dedication to help its customers grow while ensuring optimal safety and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of the aircraft. 

With a truly global footprint, customers can enjoy easy access to whatever they desire; significantly reducing the amount of time aircraft spend on the ground and allowing customers to profit from their aircraft as much as possible.

Understanding customers

To provide the best possible range of services to customers, Airbus seeks to develop mutually-beneficial working relationships. By listening to customers and working collaboratively alongside them, Airbus develops a deeper understanding of the quality of service that customers need in order to be successful. Airbus’ ambitious vision involves maximizing its robust international network of support, training and maintenance operations, with engineering facilities and logistics centres, to provide customers with the best service possible.


Did you know?

Airbus has an international network of support centres, training centres and spares stores, as well as 160 field offices around the world where nearly 300 resident customer support managers assist airlines in their daily operations.


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