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A380 wing production in Broughton, UK
A380 wing production in Broughton, UK

Airbus’ plants in Filton, near Bristol, and Broughton, North Wales play a vital role in the design and production of some of the world’s most popular and technologically advanced aircraft. Annually Airbus spends around £4 billion with suppliers in the UK, a significant contribution to the UK aerospace industry, which supports around 110,000 high value, highly skilled jobs. 

At Filton, over 4,000 people are employed in the design and manufacturing areas, as well as in business support roles such as procurement, finance and customer service. More than 2,000 engineers at Filton are involved in a range of areas, including wing integration, flight physics, structures and systems – with several hundred engineers also working on research and technology for future aircraft projects. 

Airbus’ presence here is enhanced with the construction of a new aerospace business park that consolidates the site’s engineering, design, customer support and other employees into one highly efficient office block.  Features of this 12-acre facility, which was completed in December 2013, include modern office space and an auditorium. 

Supporting Airbus’ full product line

Broughton – where such aviation classics as De Havilland’s Comet and Mosquito were produced during its history – is responsible for assembling the wings for all Airbus civil aircraft, including the new-generation A350 XWB. Producing over 1,000 wings a year, the site employs more than 6,000 people – primarily in manufacturing, but also in engineering and support functions such as procurement and finance. 

Wing sets are transported to the final assembly lines in various ways, including by road and the Airbus Beluga Super Transporter aircraft. A380 wings are transported by road and sea to aircraft final assembly in Toulouse, France.


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