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Passenger experience initiatives


Travellers today want to make smart choices.

The hotel industry has successfully differentiated its products by showing their specific amenities and services in the booking path.  Hotels help customers get excited about their products.  Choosing a flight shouldn’t be any different.

Until recently, flight shopping only focused on price and schedule which is a problem for airlines and flyers.  It ignores the flight experience; it ignores product investment, innovation and differentiation!

Airbus believes that its aircraft design offers a superior flying experience giving the passenger and airlines more of what really matters: personal space, comfort and wellbeing on board.  

  • 90% of flyers care about comfort*
  • 53% of leisure flyers pay attention to aircraft type*
  • 61% of business travellers pay attention to aircraft type*
  • 65% of passengers would make an extra effort to fly on the A380**

Airbus Passenger Experience Initiatives include the Airspace by Airbus cabin brand, the Airbus Routehappy Alliance, and the booking assistant.  

* Atmosphere Research Group’s US Travel Online Study, Q1 2016; base US airline passengers

** Epinion survey at Heathrow Sept 2015


The new Airspace cabin - now flying on the next generation A350 XWB - delivers the latest cabin innovation and design, creating a truly unique flight experience.  This includes ambient lighting and fresh air meaning passengers arrive refreshed, along with modern IFE keeping avid gamers and cinephiles happy.

For more information about the Airspace cabin brand, check out the website.

Airbus Routehappy Alliance to support differentiation

Airbus has teamed up with Routehappy, the merchandising content platform for flight shopping, to accelerate the transformation of flight shopping from commoditized to differentiated. 

The Airbus Routehappy alliance helps airlines create compelling, targeted merchandising content showcasing unique Airbus offerings such as seat width, personal space, inflight entertainment, connectivity, and jetlag-friendly ambient lighting when searching for flights on all sales channels. 

Now travellers can see key A380 and A350 XWB product features and amenities on booking websites and will be able to make smart choices.

Four of the world’s leading carriers - Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Lufthansa Group and Singapore Airlines – are the first airlines to join the alliance. The Airbus and Routehappy program is expected to expand to additional airlines and Airbus aircraft later this year.

To learn more about Routehappy, visit: To learn more about why rich content matters, see Routehappy CEO Robert Albert at the Skift Global Forum

Learn more about the Airbus Routehappy alliance with a collection of Frequently Asked Questions. 


For fans of the iconic double-decker jetliner, Airbus has launched, the innovative booking assistant where travellers can browse all A380 flights, destinations and airlines that operate A380s in their fleet. 

Inspirational content and product attributes give travellers the information they want.  Passengers simply click on the desired flight and are taken to the airline website for final booking.  

A380 fans can also share feedback, pictures and videos that are displayed on the social wall. aims to inspire sales channels to use rich content and product attributes to sell flights beyond price and schedule.


Airbus believes in the superior design of its aircraft and how that adds value for airlines – giving airlines an extraordinary canvas to project their own unique airline brand and more space to create a unique passenger experience.  

Increased awareness of aircraft amenities and features means passengers can make smarter choices when selecting their next flight. As recent studies have shown, passengers not only care about what aircraft they are flying on but also what their flying experience will include. 

Passenger Experience Initiatives – added value smarter choices.