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Inside the cabin

Comfort and efficiency

The “Airspace by Airbus” cabin concept creates the perfect space for maximising passenger well-being with a next-generation flying experience.

Airbus cabins are designed to offer passengers and airlines the highest levels of comfort, services and efficiency. Passenger comfort has always been a major design consideration at Airbus in order to ensure the best possible passenger experience across all its aircraft families.

Not only are Airbus cabins innovative and attractive, they are continuously being improved to offer travellers the quietest, most comfortable and enjoyable journeys.

In addition, Airbus has always championed passenger comfort with wider cross-sections for wider seats – particularly in economy class.

Configuration options

Airbus created a cabin centre at its Toulouse, France headquarters with full-scale interior mock-ups of the company’s jetliners, along with displays of buyer-furnished equipment.  In addition, Airbus has developed configuration tools that help customers define their cabin layouts and equipment requirements.

Constant innovation is a feature of Airbus’ cabin interior development.  Mood lighting capable of simulating day or night is offered to ease the stress of jet lag for long-haul passengers and also helps provide a relaxing ambiance.   High-efficiency air filters and air conditioning maintain air quality at the highest level by trapping particles and organic matter, while the optimization of interior contours create additional space overhead and ensures ample shoulder and elbow for passengers at their seats. 

Customer relationships

Airbus’ A350 XWB Customer Definition Centre (CDC) in Hamburg is a “one-stop shop” for airlines to establish their own A350 XWB cabin definition in one place.

As cabin furnishings, seats and other elements are selected and purchased by the customers, Airbus works hand-in-hand with them to determine the best possible match with market requirements and in-flight service – providing a number of customisation options from which the ideal and most effective layout can be chosen.

To help airlines choose “dream cabins” for Airbus’ new-generation widebody jetliner, Airbus established its A350 XWB Customer Definition Centre (CDC) in Hamburg, Germany. This facility has 5,000 square metres of presentation and lounge areas spread across two levels.

Airline customers and operators can follow an efficient cabin design and definition process with risk-sharing partners, with this close cooperation able to reduce lead times. The CDC allows the customers to see, feel and test real catalogue solutions in individually tailored zones.