A340-500Ultra-long range by Airbus
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A340-500 specs

Key figures

  Range 9 000 nm 16 670 km
Typical seating x 293
  Max payload 95.5 lb x 1 000 43.3 tonnes
A340-500 Wing span Wing span 208 ft 2 in 63.45 m
A340-500 Overall length Overall length 222 ft 10 in 67.93 m
A340-500 Height Height 56 ft 8 in 17.28 m


Overall length 222 ft 10 in 67.93 m
Cabin length 175 ft 9 in 53.56 m
Fuselage width 18 ft 6 in 5.64 m
Max cabin width 17 ft 4 in 5.28 m
Wing span (geometric) 208 ft 2 in 63.45 m
Height 56 ft 8 in 17.28 m
Track 35 ft 1 in 10.69 m
Wheelbase 90 ft 6 in 27.59 m

Ultra long-haul capabilities

 Capable of flying 9,000 nautical miles with a maximum passenger payload, the A340-500 is Airbus’ longest-range jetliner. This extended flight endurance allows the A340-500 to operate many of the world’s longest commercial air routes, including direct Singapore-New York flights with durations of more than 18 hours. 


Typical seating 293
Max 375
LD3 capacity underfloor 30 (31) 30 (31)
Max pallet number underfloor 10 10
Bulk hold volume 695 ft³ 19.7 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 5 435 ft³ 153.9 m³


Range 9 000 nm 16 670 km
Mmo M0.86
Max ramp weight 822.8 (840.4) lb x 1000 373.2 (381.2) tonnes
Max take-off weight 820.1 (837.8) lb x 1000 372.0 (380.0) tonnes
Max landing weight 535.7 (542.3) lb x 1000 243.0 (246.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 506.9 (511.3) lb x 1000 230.0 (232.0) tonnes
Max fuel capacity 56 870 (58 875) USG 215 260 (222 850) litres

Engines x4

RR Trent 500 RR Trent 500
Thrust range 53 000 (56 000) lb slst 235 (249) kN
Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest values
Ranges shown are for typical passenger load

Comfort and range

Combining performance, comfort and range for highly efficient ultra-long-haul operations the A340-500 is popular with both passengers and airlines. The four-engine twin-aisle widebody jetliner’s range of up to 9,000 nautical miles allows the A340-500 to operate some of the world’s longest non-stop routes; making it an ideal candidate for VIP & ultra-long-range operations.

Airbus keeps the A340-500 and the other members of its A340 Family updated to meet market requirements and the evolution of technology.  This includes state-of-the-art cabin features for passengers helping passengers stay relaxed and entertained throughout the flight. Upon boarding passengers can settle into one of the widest seats available and the spacious cabin is amongst the quietest in the sky. All of this makes for a relaxing and enjoyable experience on board. 

Innovation and efficiency

Airbus keeps the A340-500 and the other members of its A340 Family updated to meet market requirements and the evolution of technology.  This includes state-of-the-art cabin features for passengers, along with advanced navigation aids and new capabilities such as the electronic flight bag for pilots. This commitment to continued improvement allows the aircraft to hold its value whilst simultaneously generating revenue for airlines and businesses that choose to fly it.

The A340’s optimised 222-inch fuselage cross-section gives airlines the cabin versatility to match market requirements, from ultra-high-comfort premium seating to economy class layouts in different configurations.  Below the main deck, the A340-500’s large cargo holds accepts a full range of freight, including industry-standard LD3 containers in side-by-side loading.  The A340-500’s forward hold accommodates 18 LD3s or six 96-inch pallets, while the aft hold takes 12 LD3s or four 96-inch pallets.

The mid-sized A340

The mid-sized A340

As a jetliner in the A340 product line, it joins the A340-200, A340-300 and A340-600 in fully benefitting from Airbus commonality. All four aircraft can be flown with the same type rating, while the cross-crew qualification concept means pilots can more rapidly qualify for another aircraft type within the Airbus fly-by-wire product line, leading to significant cost savings. 

The A340 Family aircraft have amassed some impressive numbers: Over 600 million passengers have flown well over 20 million flight hours and 2.5 million flight cycles with airlines flying A340s as long as 16 hours per day. This illustrates the continued appeal of an aircraft family that introduces passengers to the most modern standards of comfort whilst remaining one of the most reliable, efficient and profitable in the sky. 

The interactive map above highlights the optimised range of this modern Airbus jetliner. To determine the aircraft’s range from a specific location, simply drag the cursor to any city or region. The area covered in blue will represent all possible destinations within its typical range.

Note: The range areas above illustrate the aircraft's nominal range.