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A340-300 specs

Key figures

  Range 7 300 nm 13 500 km
Typical seating x 277
  Max payload 95.9 (90.5) lb x 1 000 43.5 (41.0) tonnes
A340-300 Wing span Wing span 197 ft 10 in 60.30 m
A340-300 Overall length Overall length 208 ft 11 in 63.69 m
A340-300 Height Height 55 ft 6 in 16.91 m


Overall length 208 ft 11 in 63.69 m
Cabin length 165 ft 3 in 50.35 m
Fuselage width 18 ft 6 in 5.64 m
Max cabin width 17 ft 4 in 5.28 m
Wing span (geometric) 197 ft 10 in 60.30 m
Height 55 ft 6 in 16.91 m
Track 35 ft 1 in 10.69 m
Wheelbase 84 ft 0 in 25.60 m

Cabin flexibility

Beneath its main deck, the A340-300’s large cargo holds provide voluminous capacity to maximize operators’ revenue potential.  With large cargo doors on the basic fit, they take industry-standard LD3 containers in side-by-side loading.  The jetliner’s forward hold accommodates six 96-inch pallets or 18 LD3 containers, while the aft hold accepts 14 LD3s (or a mix of three 96-inch pallets and two 88-inch pallets). 


Typical seating 277
Max 440
LD3 capacity underfloor 32 (33) 32 (33)
Max pallet number underfloor 11 11
Bulk hold volume 695 ft³ 19.7 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 5 751 ft³ 162.8 m³


Range 7 300 nm 13 500 km
Mmo M0.86
Max ramp weight 608.3 (611.5) lb x 1000 275.9 (277.4) tonnes
Max take-off weight 606.0 (609.6) lb x 1000 275.0 (276.5) tonnes
Max landing weight 418.9 (423.3) lb x 1000 190.0 (192.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 396.7 (403.3) lb x 1000 180.0 (183.0) tonnes
Max fuel capacity 37 150 (39 060) USG 140 640 (147 850) litres

Engines x4

CFM56-5C4/P CFM56-5C4/P
Thrust range 34 000 lb slst 151 kN
Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest values
Ranges shown are for typical passenger load

Outstanding range capability

With a service range of 7,400 nautical miles, Airbus’ A340-300 is tailored to meet the needs of the 275-300-seat long-range market – offering direct point-to-point services and increased flight frequencies at lower costs. 

It thrives in many market environments and often forms a key part of a larger international operation with major and flagship carriers, operating along with other A330 or A340 models.  As flagships with smaller airlines, A340-300s provide vital long-range links to and from less populous cities; while serving as a cost-effective 275- 300-seat long-range complement for operators of A320 Family aircraft.  

As a result of its four engines, the A340-300 does not require any ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) certification – allowing for quick start-up of long-haul operations. It also has good ‘hot and high’ capability at airports that would be off-limits to other aircraft. 



Innovation, flexibility and efficiency

Inovation and efficiency

Like all members of Airbus’ family of modern jetliners, the A340-300 features a number of key innovations, including fly-by-wire flight controls, which bring increased flight protection as well as weight and cost savings; advanced weight-saving materials such as carbon fibre; and fuel-saving aerodynamics.  Commonality with Airbus’ family of fly-by-wire jetliners also brings important reductions in training and maintenance costs, providing customers with an important competitive advantage. 

Under the main deck, the A340’s large cargo holds provide voluminous capacity for extra revenue.  With large cargo doors standard, it can accommodate industry-standard LD3 containers in side-by-side loading.  The A340-300’s forward hold can hold six 96-inch pallets or 18 LD3 containers, while the aft hold accepts 14 LD3s or a mix of three 96-inch pallets and two 88-inch pallets. The A340-300 demonstrates outstanding environmental efficiencies, including low fuel-burn and reduced engine emissions, while the decreased noise signature comfortably meets international standards. The A340-300 provides the best economy in its class, reaching a 5 per cent lower fuel per trip compared to competing aircraft.

Cabin comfort

The four-engine A340-300 features a wonderfully quiet cabin, a key element for relaxing on long-haul operations. Seating 275-300 passengers in a typical configuration, or up to 440 travellers in a high-density arrangement, everyone flying can enjoy the extra personal space available in the widebody twin-aisle cabin. With wider seats and the possibility of including a wide variety of customised interiors and in-flight entertainment options, passengers can settle in and enjoy their flight. 

With enduring appeal to both passengers and businesses, the A340-300 continues to be a popular aircraft. With such superior levels of space and comfort, time on-board flies by and everyone can reach their destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The interactive map above highlights the optimised range of this modern Airbus jetliner. To determine the aircraft’s range from a specific location, simply drag the cursor to any city or region. The area covered in blue will represent all possible destinations within its typical range.

Note: The range areas above illustrate the aircraft's nominal range.