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Airbus’ widebody, double-deck A380 is the answer to future growth in air travel. With a much greater capacity compared to any competitor aircraft, this 21st century flagship jetliner – which entered service in 2007 – allows operators to reduce the number of aircraft required for servicing a given route, while delivering unmatched levels of passenger comfort.

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The A380 is an essential part of the solution to sustainable growth – alleviating traffic congestion at busy airports by transporting more passengers with fewer flights, more efficiently and at a much lower cost. For example, A380 operators in Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Paris have successfully reduced frequencies while increasing the number of seats offered – resulting in higher market shares, higher load factors and higher revenues.

enables growth at busiest airports

Airbus’ A380 is a favourite among business and leisure passengers alike, providing levels of comfort and reliability that have led travellers to specifically request flights on the double-deck jetliner. And as the quietest widebody jetliner flying today, it is a “friendly neighbour” to populations around the globe.

Fly the A380, the world’s most spacious commercial aircraft. Capture more high-yield traffic on the busiest routes and offer the highest passenger appeal with 18-plus-inch seats in economy.

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