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An experience to remember

There is no other aircraft in the world like it and no other travelling experience comes close. The A380 is a modern icon that has flown over 500,000 revenue flights carrying over 190 million passengers. This includes more than 300 commercial flights per day, which take off or land around the world every two minutes. 

Flying with the A380 is a unique experience that introduces you to new standards of in-flight comfort, from first class to economy. As the world’s largest and most spacious passenger aircraft, its cabin allows passengers to stretch out in the widest seats in a calm and relaxing environment. With the unparalleled freedom it gives passengers to move, it’s no surprise that the A380 is the preferred choice in all cabin classes. 

The double-deck A380 truly is a marvel of science and engineering, making excellent use of its space to offer passengers attainable luxury. With enough room to install stylish first-class suites, eye-catching bar or business areas, beautifully inviting cabin lighting and the quietest cabin in the sky, you will enjoy every aspect of the flight and, thanks to innovative cabin air supply technology, will arrive at your destination feeling inspired and ready to go.

Future of long-distance travel

The double-deck A380 is the largest commercial aircraft flying today. With air traffic continuing to double every 15 years, the A380 is the perfect aircraft to meet the needs of the passengers of today and tomorrow while also delivering the level of efficiency necessary to protect the environment for future generations. 

It has two full-length decks with widebody dimensions, meaning its two passenger levels offer an entire deck’s worth of additional space compared to the next largest twin-engine jetliner. With more seats than any other aircraft, the A380 offers solutions to overcrowding; needing fewer journeys to carry 60 per cent more passengers, making it the perfect solution to airport congestion, fleet plan optimization and traffic growth. Protecting our planet and ensuring we will continue to have a world full of beautiful places to visit in the future.

Millions of passengers around the globe have enjoyed the one-of-a-kind flying experience offered by Airbus’ A380, which is redefining the meaning of comfort in all classes of service

More than an airplane

Combining the most advanced aviation technology and an inspired cabin design, Airbus is proud to have created an aircraft that is celebrated for its outstanding quality in every aspect. Leading the industry in standards for innovation, experience and efficiency, it is adored by passengers, pilots and crew alike.

Even more efficient, still unique

New large winglets on the A380plus are among the aerodynamic refinements resulting in an up to a 4 per cent fuel burn savings.

Airbus’ development study unveiled in 2017 for an enhanced A380 – termed the A380plus – would offer an aircraft with increased range, greater passenger capacity, and reduced fuel usage, all while keeping the sought-after A380 passenger experience intact.

New winglets that extend both above and below the wingtips, along with other wing refinements, improve aerodynamics and reduce drag – resulting in up to a 4 per cent fuel burn savings while still allowing the aircraft to fit within the 80 x 80-meter envelope developed from the start for the jetliner’s compatibility with airport infrastructure. 

A selection of “cabin enablers” offered by Airbus for A380s – involving redesigned staircases fore and aft, a combined crew-rest compartment and sidewall stowage removal and new seating configurations – combine to create up to 80 additional seats with no compromise on comfort. 

The A380plus will have an increased maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 578 tonnes, providing the flexibility of carrying the increased passenger capacity over the aircraft’s current range (8,200 nm), or flying 300 nm further. Another element of the A380plus is a modified maintenance calendar that would enable the aircraft to spend more time aloft earning revenue. 


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Did you know?

Did you know?
  • The A380 is 15 tonnes lighter than it would be if made entirely of metal.
  • The 4400m2 surface of the A380 is covered in three layers of paint weighing around 500kg.
  • During take-off the A380 wing will flex upwards by over 4m.
  • The air in the A380 cabin is changed every two minutes, and the temperature can be selected between 18 and 30 degrees.

  • An A380 takes off or lands every two minutes.