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A350-800 specs

Key figures

  Range 8 245 nm 15 270 km
Typical seating x 280
  Max payload 28.55 lb x 1 000 12.95 tonnes
A350-800 Wing span Wing span 212 ft 5 in 64.75 m
A350-800 Overall length Overall length 198 ft 7 in 60.54 m
A350-800 Height Height 55 ft 11 in 17.05 m


Overall length 198 ft 7 in 60.54 m
Cabin length - - -
Fuselage width 19 ft 7 in 5.96 m
Max cabin width 18 ft 5 in 5.61 m
Wing span (geometric) 212 ft 5 in 64.75 m
Height 55 ft 11 in 17.05 m
Track 34 ft 9 in 10.60 m
Wheelbase 81 ft 7 in 24.86 m

Designed-in efficiency

The environmental performance of Airbus’ A350-800 is supported by next-generation Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines and state-of-the-art aerodynamics, both of which help reduce its emissions below current and anticipated future regulatory levels.  

In addition, carbon dioxide emissions per passenger will be approximately 25 per cent lower than current-generation aircraft in this category, while exterior noise levels will be as much as 21 EPNdB (Effective Perceived Noise Decibel) below ICAO Chapter 4 requirements.


Typical seating 280
Max 440
LD3 capacity underfloor 28 28
Max pallet number underfloor 9 9
Bulk hold volume 400 ft³ 11.3 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 4 824 ft³ 136.6 m³


Range 8 245 nm 15 270 km
Mmo M0.89
Max ramp weight 548.7 (573.0) lb x 1000 248.9 (259.9) tonnes
Max take-off weight 546.7 lb x 1000 248.0 tonnes
Max landing weight 418.9 (425.5) lb x 1000 190.0 (193.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 392.4 (399.0) lb x 1000 178.0 (181.0) tonnes
Max fuel capacity 36 456 USG 138 000 litres

Engines x2

RR Trent XWB RR Trent XWB
Thrust range 79 000 lb slst 337 kN
Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest values
Ranges shown are for typical passenger load

The A350-800 is the shortest-fuselage version in Airbus’ A350 XWB all-new family of mid-sized widebody airliners. It accommodates 280 passengers in a typical three-class cabin, with a flight range of 8,200 nautical miles. 

This A350 XWB variant retains maximum commonality with the family’s other versions, using the same cross-section, cockpit and pilot type rating – along with common engines, systems, operating and maintenance procedures. 

It also offers the perfect space for passenger well-being, and provides airlines with increased efficiency, flexibility and opportunities to enhance their cabin. Committed to passenger experience and delivering superior performance for airlines, the Airspace by Airbus philosophy offers a next-generation flying experience with four key attributes: comfort, service, ambience and design.

Orders & Deliveries

The interactive map above highlights the optimised range of this modern Airbus jetliner. To determine the aircraft’s range from a specific location, simply drag the cursor to any city or region. The area covered in blue will represent all possible destinations within its typical range.

Note: The range areas above illustrate the aircraft's nominal range.