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A330-200 specs

Key figures

  Range 7 250 nm 13 450 km
Typical seating x 247
  Max payload 80.2 lb x 1 000 36.4 tonnes
A330-200 Wing span Wing span 197 ft 10 in 60.30 m
A330-200 Overall length Overall length 193 ft 0 in 58.82 m
A330-200 Height Height 57 ft 0 in 17.39 m


Overall length 193 ft 0 in 58.82 m
Cabin length 147 ft 8 in 45.00 m
Fuselage width 18 ft 6 in 5.64 m
Max cabin width 17 ft 4 in 5.28 m
Wing span (geometric) 197 ft 10 in 60.30 m
Height 57 ft 0 in 17.39 m
Track 35 ft 1 in 10.69 m
Wheelbase 72 ft 10 in 22.20 m

Maximum versatility

The A330 Family – which includes Airbus’ highly-efficient A330-200 – offers the most spacious cabin of any widebody aircraft in its category, allowing for a range of cabin interior possibilities.  

The A330-200’s seat pitch can be adapted in units of one inch, while galleys, lavatories and stowage areas can be located in different numbers, groupings and locations – providing excellent versatility for operators of this widebody Airbus jetliner.  


Typical seating 247
Max 406
LD3 capacity underfloor 26 (27) 26 (27)
Max pallet number underfloor 8+3 LD3 8+3 LD3
Bulk hold volume 695 ft³ 19.70 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 4800 ft³ 136.0 m³


Range 7 250 nm 13 450 km
Mmo M0.86
Max ramp weight 509.0 (531.1) lb x 1000 230.9 (242.9) tonnes
Max take-off weight 507.0 (529.1) lb x 1000 230.0 (242.0) tonnes
Max landing weight 396.8 (401.2) lb x 1000 180 (182) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 370.4 (374.8) lb x 1000 168.0 (170) tonnes
Max fuel capacity 36 750 USG 139 090 litres

Engines x2

PW4000 PW4000
GE CF6-80E1 GE CF6-80E1
RR Trent 700 RR Trent 700
Thrust range 68 000 to 72 000 lb slst 303 to 316 kN
Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest values
Ranges shown are for typical passenger load

A truly 21st century travel experience

The Airbus A330-200, here with GE engines. The versatile mid-size widebody.

Benefitting from over 20 years of continuous incremental innovation, the A330 is the most modern and reliable family of aircraft in the sky. Typically flying around 247 passengers, it can be tailored to carry as many as 406 – providing a quality solution for every route today and in the future. 

The twin-aisle widebody aircraft provides all passengers with an abundance of personal space, and the modern cabin allows for 18-inch wide seats that can bring a level of comfort and relaxation to long-haul flights, even in economy. A330s also provide the quietest cabins in their class, while ambient lighting options add to the A330-200’s stylish and classy design and help reduce the effects of jetlag.

The very latest in-flight entertainment

The A330-200 can offer passengers the most modern fourth-generation in-flight entertainment, including video-on-demand, as well as mobile phone and email connectivity via satellite. 

Even the longest flights can fly by with a range of options to make the time spent on board as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Passengers can settle into a movie of their choice and even stay in touch with what’s happening on the ground below, providing a tailored passenger experience that suits everyone from children to adults and holiday-goers to business travellers. Waiting until the end of an important flight to send or receive vital emails can be a thing of the past.

Efficient, reliable and versatile

The A330-200 continues to be a dependable and efficient operator that benefits passengers and airlines alike. Its commonality with fellow members of the A330 Family and other Airbus aircraft generates efficiency savings through training and maintenance. Like all Airbus aircraft, it uses the revolutionary fly-by-wire digital control system. With an operational efficiency of 99.4 per cent, it’s no wonder that airlines trust the quality of the A330-200’s design. It is also an ideal complement to its sister aircraft: the all-new A350 XWB. 

For longer-range journeys, the aircraft can be fitted with comfortable crew rest areas that can be removed in around 50 minutes should the aircraft need to be optimised for shorter routes. These rest areas can contain seven bunks and don’t impact the space given to passengers. Ensuring that cabin crew are well-rested gives them an ideal workspace and hopefully puts a smile on their face when they are looking after passengers.

The New Engine Option (NEO)

Building on the proven success of its popular widebody A330 Family, Airbus officially launched the A330neo (new engine option) jetliner – comprising the A330-800neo and A330-900neo versions – in July 2014.  

As the newest member of the A330 Family, the A330neo is a truly modern aircraft that shares the values of Airbus’ market-leading widebody product line: unrivalled cost-efficiency for airlines and superior comfort for passengers.



Orders & Deliveries

The interactive map above highlights the optimised range of this modern Airbus jetliner. To determine the aircraft’s range from a specific location, simply drag the cursor to any city or region. The area covered in blue will represent all possible destinations within its typical range.

Note: The range areas above illustrate the aircraft's nominal range.