With four different models offering market coverage from 100 to 240 seats (A318, A319, A320 and A321), the best-selling A320 Family allows operators to match the right aircraft size to demand and cover the entire single-aisle market, from low-to-high-density domestic routes to longer-range thin routes.

Airbus pioneered the fly-by-wire concept with its A320 Family, and years of reliable service around the world have proven the significant benefits through commonality, improved flight safety, reduced pilot workload, a reduction of mechanical parts, and real-time monitoring of all aircraft systems.

To ensure this true market leader keeps its competitive edge, Airbus continues to invest in improvements across the product line, including the A320neo (new engine option) Family, enhancements to the jetliner's aerodynamics such as Sharklets wingtip devices, upgrades to the widest passenger cabin in its class and extended services intervals for the airframe.

The A320 Family. Combining unbeatable fuel efficiency from 100 to 240 passengers and unmatched comfort with 18" seats standard

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