Key figures

  Range 3 300 nm with Sharklets 6 100 km with Sharklets
Typical seating x 150
  Max payload 36 lb x 1 000 16.6 tonnes
A320 Wing span Wing span 117 ft 5 in with Sharklets 35.80 m with Sharklets
A320 Overall length Overall length 123 ft 3 in 37.57 m
A320 Height Height 38 ft 7 in 11.76 m


Overall length 123 ft 3 in 37.57 m
Cabin length 90 ft 3 in 27.51 m
Fuselage width 13 ft 0 in 3.95 m
Max cabin width 12 ft 1 in 3.70 m
Wing span (geometric) 117 ft 5 in with Sharklets 35.80 m with Sharklets
Height 38 ft 7 in 11.76 m
Track 24 ft 11 in 7.59 m
Wheelbase 41 ft 5 in 12.64 m

A320 New Engine Option

Airbus’ A320 aircraft Family – which is recognised worldwide as the benchmark single-aisle jetliner product line – is even more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly with the “New Engine Option” version being offered to customers. The A320neo offers unbeatable efficiency with a 15 per cent fuel burn reduction per seat and a nearly 50 per cent lower noise footprint.  

Designated the A320neo, this option provides minimum change with maximum benefit for the A319, A320 and A321 through the availability of two new jet engine choices – CFM International’s LEAP-1A and the PW1100G-JM geared turbofan PurePower from Pratt & Whitney – along with the use of large wingtip devices called Sharklets™.


Typical seating 150
Max 180
LD3 capacity underfloor 7 LD3-45W 7 LD3-45W
Max pallet number underfloor 7 7
Bulk hold volume 208 ft³ 5.90 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 1322 ft³ 37.40 m³


Range 3 300 nm with Sharklets 6 100 km with Sharklets
Mmo M0.82
Max ramp weight 162.9 (172.8) lb x 1000 73.9 (78.4) tonnes
Max take-off weight 162.0 (172.0) lb x 1000 73.5 (78.0) tonnes
Max landing weight 142.2 (145.5) lb x 1000 64.5 (66.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 134.5 (137.8) lb x 1000 61.0 (62.5) tonnes
Max fuel capacity up to 6 400 (7 190) USG up to 24 210 (27 200) litres

Engines x2

V2500-A5 V2500-A5
CFM56-5B CFM56-5B
Thrust range 22 000 (27 000) lb slst 98 (120) kN
Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest values
Ranges shown are for typical passenger load

Setting the single-aisle standards

Ever since Airbus launched its single-aisle family with the A320, it has set the standard as the most comfortable short-to-medium-haul aircraft – which is just one of the reasons why it has become the most successful aircraft of all time. With the widest single-aisle cabin, passengers can enjoy more personal space, wider seats and generous overhead compartments to store their luggage. With a versatile cabin that can be configured for a variety of seating options, the A320 usually seats 150 passengers and has a maximum capacity of up to 180 travellers. The A320 also has an extremely quiet cabin with an array of lighting options meaning it’s easy to relax and enjoy the flight. 

Like all Family members, the A320 shares the same fly-by-wire digital flight controls and cabin management systems and this consistency makes life easier for pilots and cabin crew and allows them to focus on looking after passengers. Cockpit commonality also reduces training and maintenance costs.

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