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Typically seating around 110 passengers, the A318 brings all the advantages of the A320 Family to a variety of possible routes suitable for a slightly smaller aircraft. With one aircraft in four sizes the A318 offers unbeatable fuel-efficiency, exceptional operational reliability and superior passenger comfort – qualities which help make the A320 Family the most successful aircraft family ever. Its enduring quality highlights the brilliance and innovation at the heart of Airbus. 

Key figures

  Range 3 100 nm 5 750 km
Typical seating x 107
A318 Wing span Wing span 111 ft 11 in 34.10 m
A318 Overall length Overall length 103 ft 2 in 31.44 m
A318 Height Height 41 ft 2 in 12.56 m


Overall length 103 ft 2 in 31.44 m
Cabin length 70 ft 2 in 21.38 m
Fuselage width 13 ft 0 in 3.95 m
Max cabin width 12 ft 1 in 3.70 m
Wing span (geometric) 111 ft 11 in 34.10 m
Height 41 ft 2 in 12.56 m
Track 24 ft 11 in 7.59 m
Wheelbase 33 ft 8 in 10.25 m

“Steep approach” capability

Airbus’ A318 is the largest commercial aircraft certified to land at steeper-than-usual gradients, with the potential to transform long-haul operations between city centres, as well as reduce time and costs for business travellers.  

The A318 was approved for steep approach landing capability by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in 2007, with this modern jetliner certified for a 5.5-degree approach slope. This compares to a nominal 3-degree slope for standard operations.   


Typical seating 107
Max 132
LD3 capacity underfloor - -
Max pallet number underfloor - -
Bulk hold volume 202 ft³ 5.70 m³
Total volume (Bulk loading) 752 ft³ 21.20 m³


Range 3 100 nm 5 750 km
Mmo M0.82
Max ramp weight 131.0 (150.8) lb x 1000 59.4 (68.4) tonnes
Max take-off weight 130.1 (149.9) lb x 1000 59.0 (68.0) tonnes
Max landing weight 123.5 (126.8) lb x 1000 56.0 (57.5) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 116.8 (120.2) lb x 1000 53.0 (54.5) tonnes
Max fuel capacity up to 6 400 USG up to 24 210 litres

Engines x2

PW6000A PW6000A
CFM56-5B CFM56-5B
Thrust range 22 000 to 24 000 lb slst 96 to 106 kN
Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest values
Ranges shown are for typical passenger load

Comfort and space

The A320 leads the way in single-aisle comfort and even as the family member with the shortest fuselage, the A318 still offers the industry’s best level of comfort in all classes. 

With the widest single-aisle cabin available, passengers can enjoy more personal space and relax in comfortable 18-inch-wide seats. The A320 also has plenty of overhead locker space so that carry-on luggage can be stored efficiently, while the wider aisle helps with boarding and disembarking. These advantages allow for minimum fuss when getting on or off, meaning less wait time at the end of a flight so that passengers can get to where they’re going more quickly.

Aircraft Commonality

When something works brilliantly, it makes sense to use it all the time. Like all the members of the aircraft family that introduced Airbus’ revolutionary fly-by-wire control system, the A318 benefits from cockpit commonality, helping to reduce the cost of training, maintenance and operation of the aircraft. 

Not only are pilots qualified to fly any member of the A320 Family with the Common Type Rating, but training to switch between other Airbus aircraft is even easier with Cross Crew-Qualification (CCQ). Fly-by-wire offers significant advantages from the savings delivered through the reduction in weight to the reduction in pilot workload; another example of how Airbus improves performance through innovation.

Unique capabilities

The A318’s cabin is flexible enough to deliver a range of options, allowing it to fulfil several roles. As the largest commercial aircraft certified to land at steeper-than-usual gradients, it is ideal for operations at such constrained locations as downtown airports – translating to significant cost and time savings for business travellers. Since 2009, British Airways has been operating A318s with “steep approach” capability from the in-close London City Airport to New York's JFK International Airport. 

These aircraft are equipped for premium service with seats that convert into full lie-flat beds, along with OnAir connectivity for passengers showing that even the smallest member of the A320 Family needn’t compromise on luxury and amenities.

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