Airbus' A318 Elite corporate jetliner builds on its international success

Airbus' A318 Elite corporate jetliner builds on its international success

The A318 Elite have passed its 10th aircraft milestone as this member of Airbus’ executive and private aviation aircraft family brings new levels of cabin comfort and space in the VVIP charter market.

16 October 2009

The A318 Elite has passed its 10th aircraft delivery milestone, highlighting the widespread and growing appeal of this member in Airbus’ executive and private aviation aircraft family.

Since its 2005 launch, the A318 Elite has won more than 25 sales in Asia, Europe and the Middle East – representing approximately a quarter of the 100-plus orders booked to date by the Airbus Corporate Jetliner Family, which is composed of the A318 Elite, the Airbus ACJ (based on the A319), and the A320 Prestige.

The A318 Elite is derived from the smallest member of Airbus’ modern aircraft family, is unique in bringing the space and comfort previously only associated with much larger jets to a much broader market.

"Our A318 Elite is the new space-ship of corporate jet travel, because of the leap in comfort and space that it brings to a broad market,” explained John Leahy, the Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “The A318 Elite is also a very affordable package, delivering value as well as comfort and space.”

The A318 Elite features an optimised cabin, produced in co-operation with Lufthansa Technik, offering attractive affordability and unmatched comfort.

Comlux of Switzerland took delivery of the first A318 Elite in 2007, and recently became the first to take delivery of a second for VVIP charter – which Airbus is displaying at this year’s National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show in Orlando, Florida. The A318 Elite has been met with great success on the VVIP charter market, and currently is available for charter from Global Jet Concept in Geneva, as well as Comlux Aviation in Zurich.

The A318 Elite on display at NBAA features further improvements, such as a domed ceiling that brings a refreshing new ambiance to what already is the widest, tallest and most spacious cabin in its class.

Airbus is able to offer the domed ceiling because the upper interior of its aircraft is relatively uncluttered, allowing the installation of concave panels that create an impression of light and space that is unique to aircraft in this class.

The A318 Elite has a range of more than 4,200 nm./7,800 km., allowing it to fly coast-to-coast within the USA, and to fly non-stop between London and New York.

Total sales of Airbus corporate jets now stand at more than 150, comprising over 100 of the ACJ Family, plus approximately 50 Airbus widebody aircraft for VIP and government use.


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More than 170 Airbus corporate jets have been sold and are flying on every continent, including Antarctica.