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ACJ Family

The world’s most modern corporate jet family

Every Airbus corporate jet can be tailored to be as modest or extravagant as the customer wishes, yet always maintain the elegance that one would expect. With a full product range founded on Airbus’ highly successful commercial aircraft, the ACJ Family is able to provide the perfect corporate jet capable of fulfilling any need; whether the customer is a private individual, government, or company executive. ACJ prides itself on the ability to offer the world’s most rewarding flying experiences; working in partnership with customers to deliver a personalised, bespoke service that delivers the highest standards of expertise, service, care and technology in corporate aviation. 

Typically seating 19 to 50 passengers the ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320 and ACJ321 have the ability to carry more passengers than traditional business jets whilst flying them in significantly more comfortable surroundings. Airbus also offers a full family of VIP widebodies, derived from the rest of its modern airliner family. These aircraft offer more space than any of their competitors in the corporate jet market, and comprise the ACJ330, ACJ340, ACJ350 XWB and ACJ380. With the ability to carry even more passengers, making them perfect for governmental or corporate functions, the additional size of these aircraft also allows further options in terms of both features and comfort. Whatever the reason for travelling, customers will be able to take their lifestyles into the air; and be able to relax and work in a luxury home away from home, above the clouds, making their journeys even more rewarding.

ACJ now offers the ACJneo; featuring the ACJ319neo and the ACJ320neo; introducing Airbus’ A320neo aircraft to the corporate jet market. With latest generation engine options they offer an even more efficient way to fly, delivering savings to customers whilst continuing to deliver the customary high standards of quality and comfort with which ACJ customers are accustomed.

Also introducing the ACJ350 XWB, ACJ’s most recent widebody corporate jet, which offers innovative technology such as wings that morph in-flight to produce the most efficient and cost effective flight possible and a fuselage constructed from next-generation carbon composite materials. Naturally, it also delivers more space than its rival with which customers can design and install their ideal cabin. 


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